Friday, April 15, 2016

Carnal Recovery by Victoria Bright - Review

Title: Carnal Recovery (book 3 in the Curvy Assignments series)
Author: Victoria Bright
Genre: Erotic Adult Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2016

Carnal Recovery (#3)...

Be sure to grab the other two books in the trilogy! 
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Dangerous Concoctions (#2)

I thought no one could tame me until I met him… 

My life revolved around two things— sex and power. As a sex therapist, I helped couples with their intimacy issues while appearing to lead a typical single life. Although I lived a civilized life during the day, by nightfall I transformed into my sadistic, dominating persona. 

When a session with my submissive left him severely injured, I found myself sitting in Xavier Bennett’s office for court-ordered therapy. It was one thing to reveal the skeletons in my closet, but it was a different ball game to confess these demons to my colleague. Little did I know, he harbored dark secrets of his own. 

After receiving an invitation to assist Xavier with his marriage retreat, I soon learn his intentions weren't what they seemed. What I thought would be a relaxing work-related vacation turned into a mental bloodbath as we both fought for dominance. Walls will come tumbling down and someone’s bound to get hurt. 

There can only be one Master. 
Who will come out on top and who will surrender?

Gia. Sex therapist. Sadist. Power. Slaves. Domme. Broken.

Her professional life as a sex therapist makes everything about her seem normal, but it's not.  She seems to have a strong command on couples sexual behavior, but she doesn't.  She seems so in control, but she isn't.  Her control is exercised with her slaves, but even that has been known to go awry. One thing she knows is love and relationships, like her friends have, isn't for her.

Xavier. Marriage therapist. Loving. Slaves. Dom. Broken.

Xavier is assigned Gia as a court-appointed client, but Gia can't stand Xavier. Her friends and co-workers all see how he looks at her, but she refuse to acknowledge it. She loathes him. And the last thing she wants to do is reveal or discuss her personal demons with a colleague. 

Then he comes up with the idea of a marriage retreat and invites Gia to spend the week with him in the cabin in exchange for a letter to the court stating she has completed her therapy.  It seems like a perfect solution for her since she's trying to find a way to get away from Dr. Bennett. Or is it?

The revealing week in the cabin brings to light that Xavier is a Dom and he, too, has sexual slaves. Let the power struggle begin.

Many more secrets come out during that week. It's a week that neither of them will soon forget.

 Who wins? Time to 1-click! This is a must read book if you enjoy BDSM romance!

Victoria Bright is from a small town in North Carolina and currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. She has been writing since she was in the eighth grade, starting with small short stories. As her classmates began showing interest in her work, she began to write longer stories, filling multiple spiral notebooks with her thoughts. During her freshman year in high school, her English teacher encouraged her to enter a writing contest in which she won local, region and state levels. She has entered many writing contests since and have won a few. Figuring out she had a passion to share stories with anyone who would listen, she set out to write her first book Love Unbroken.
Victoria is very versatile in the genre of books she likes to read. Her bookchoice mostly varies on her mood, but she is particularly interested in crime stories, romance, teen fiction, sci-fi, and is now venturing a little in paranormal fiction. As for her own writing, she doesn't really put it into a category or genre. She just writes whatever is on her mind and lets it create itself!
Her favorite quote: "I'm just a loon with access to a keyboard, a pen, and a 5-star notebook. Writing is my run away with me!"

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wicked Steps by Cory D. Cyr - Review

Title: Wicked Steps
Author: Cory Cyr
Genre: Erotic Adult Romance

Strong language, explicit sexual situations, M/F. F/F. 18+ If anyone had asked ten years ago, I never would have imagined I’d be a thirty-five-year-old widow today. I could tell you I married Hartman Wick out of love, but it’s complicated. We were friends. He was dying. And he needed me. He also made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Of course, I agreed with the very best of intentions. But we all know what the road to hell is paved with. All I ever dreamed of was owning my own gallery. A place where my best friend and I could introduce the masses to inspiring and new artists. Hartman promised me the deed to the gallery, wealth, and security for the rest of my life. 
Instead, I find myself in a war with his estranged son Kieran—my stepson and one of the most prolific painters, known for his erotic shock art. He’s been plotting revenge against his father for years, and now that Daddy’s dead, he’s seized the opportunity. Between the constant battles, heated exchanges, and threats of blackmail, I find myself inexplicitly drawn to this twenty-four-year old. He’s beautiful, seductive, arrogant, and evil. Not only is he a gifted artist, but he’s certainly inherited some of his father’s more unsavory traits. He truly is a Wick. But then he takes things too far and pushes me to my breaking point. I’ve had enough. In retaliation, I make a plan. And I almost feel sorry for him—almost. I’m sure, even as a child, he was never read a single fairy tale. Poor bastard. He has no idea how truly wicked a stepmother can be.

This book was another amazing work of art! The story is mind-blowing and drew me in immediately, and held me captive until the final words were read.

Wicked was tattooed on his arm, it was in his heart, it consumed him, it was his name in the art world, but it was understating the degree of anger and hate Kieran Wick truly felt. Kieran's crash course for revenge had him vying to unseat Satan and take over the title of hell's ruler. He'd been exacting his plan in his mind - his father's widow must pay for his father's mistakes, period. He planned to do to her what he wanted to do to his father - ruin her. Then he met her.

Ellery St. Claire had suffered at the hands of Kieran's father in a five-year marriage from hell. She knew evil first hand, she had married him. When he died, she thought it couldn't get any worse. Ellery wanted to regain her life. She had been promised financial security and the art gallery. She just wanted to salvage her life and find her happiness. She was freed of the devil's reigns. The she met his son.

Kieran and Elle's clash is a list of adjectives including intense, heated, passionate, and unexpected.

 There's a fine line between love and hate, and these two broken sparring individuals walk a tightrope. They've both suffered at the hands of Kieran's father. So many people have. But can they get past the hate and vindictiveness?

When you despise one human being so much, you lose yourself and can make some of the worst decisions of your life.

When you love one human being so much, you can lose yourself and can make some of the worst decisions of your life.

I've read every one of Cory's book and love them all, but this one is absolutely fantastic!