Friday, April 21, 2017

Review: The Fifth Moon's Tales by Monica La Porta

The Fifth Moon's Tales
By: Monica La Porta
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Fifth Moon's Wolf (Book 1)

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Humanity left Earth several hundreds of years ago. Shifters were among the first to board the space stations escaping from the dying planet. During the long voyage in deep space, mutations changed the paranormal passengers altering their lives forever. As a result, shifters lost their ability to reproduce and enrolled geneticists to ensure their survival.

Valentine Lobo is the last werewolf left in all the Coral System. The undisputed leader of planet Lupine, he has been waiting for his genetically engineered bride for centuries. He has no time to court Mirella Canalis, the young woman whom he only sees as a means to an end. After all, her only reason to exist is to give the alpha werewolf an heir. 

Valentine is arrogant and domineering. He must save House Lobo from oblivion. What will happen when he finally meets sweet and naïve Mirella on his wedding night?

A dash of space opera and plenty of steamy paranormal romance.

I haven't read a lot of shifter stories that have drawn me in, but I loved this one. The imagery described by the author - the colors, the textures, the smells - amazing! There is a lot of creativity that went into describing the surroundings. If you read a paragraph, then close your eyes, you can see it. I also loved the story line.

Valentine Lobo is the ruler of Lobo Mansion, the benefactor for surrounding areas, and the last wolf standing on his planet, Lupine. He's surrounded by a harem of courtesans and several servants waiting to fulfill his every need. But what Valentine needed was an heir to keep his species alive. And only one person was suitable for mating. He was going to be forced to marry her, but he refused to allow his heart to get involved.

Mirella Canalis was born, raised, and taught how to please Valentine Lobo before she even knew anything about him.  Her job was to mate and provide him the heir he desperately needed. She'd learned how to become a devoted wife and serve her husband as he desired. She was ready to become his Blessed Bride.

Valentine and Mirella have an interesting dynamic, and their intimacy leaves a lot to be desire by Mirella. Mirella isn't the subservient young woman and Valentine isn't the overbearing dominant I would have expected.  There were a lot of surprises and twists, and I was happy book 2 was available when I finished! 

The Fifth Moon's Wife (book 2)

Can love prevail over lust? Or is Valentine Lobo doomed to replay a tragedy written long ago by his ancestors? 

His marriage to Mirella Canalis isn’t just a means to an end any longer. After almost losing his bride, Valentine has realized his feelings for her run deep and he would do anything to keep her safe. Even if that means forfeiting his only chance to conceive an heir.

But old and new enemies have other plans for Valentine and Mirella, and his sacrifice could be all for naught. 

Space opera, steamy romance & shifters!

This book picks right up from the first. I have fallen in love with Valentine and Mirella!

There's was a love that was never supposed to happen, according to Valentine. He had no intention of giving his heart to his wife.

Mirella was born and raised to be Valentine's wife and to give him an heir. That was where the story was supposed to end, unbeknownst to Mirella, and according to the history of Fifth Moon Wives.

But Valentine fell in love with his wife. And his mission is to save her life at all costs - even if that means not having an heir.

I won't say anything more except to strongly suggest you one-click this series!

The Fifth Moon's Lover (book 3)

All his life, Valentine Lobo has done everything the Brotherhood of the Wolf has requested of him, including marrying Mirella Canalis, his genetically engineered bride. 

Now Mirella is expecting his child, and Valentine should be happy to have successfully ensured the continuity of his species. Instead, he is devastated because he has fallen in love with her, and he knows that she won’t survive her pregnancy. As he faces demons from his past and enemies from his present, he must fight his most difficult battle yet.

Valentine will stop at nothing to save his beloved Mirella, but can love conquer all?

No Blessed Bride in the history of Lupine has survived the birth of the Fifth Moon's heir. This fact has Valentine distraught and desperate to find a way to save his wife, Mirella. Valentine takes a trip to Sidera Prime to see if he can find an answer. An answer no other before him has been able to find. Is it possible to save his wife's life? Is it possible for her to give birth to a wolf pup and be the first Blessed Bride to live?

Valentine is on a mission to find out.  If you one-click, you can find out too.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review: The Perfect 1 by Cory Cyr

Title: The Perfect 1
Author: Cory Cyr
Genre: Urban Erotic Romance

Jensyn Parrish was one of the world’s most gorgeous supermodels, dubbed the “Perfect 10” for most of her career. Thirteen years ago, a horrific car accident left her face disfigured. Suffering the loss of her beauty, career, and self-worth, she seeks a life of quiet seclusion in Hawaii.

Lincoln Bass, a New York best-selling author and adrenaline junkie, has no idea what he could possibly have in common with his brother’s friend Jensyn. After suddenly being impaired with blindness at only twenty-five, his life is forever altered. Independent, headstrong, and ever the daredevil, Lincoln is stricken with the certainty that if he wants to continue writing, he needs help. 
Two people damaged by circumstances of fate… 
Disguising who she once was becomes a difficult task for Jensyn. Her only job is to help Lincoln finish his book. But boundaries are somehow obscured and fiction becomes their reality.

We all have and live with our imperfections. But when someone's been deemed "The Perfect 10" and thrived in a modeling career as a result for so many years, they could find it extremely difficult to accept being anything less after an accident that strips it all away.  

Jensyn Parrish suffered through 13 years of Anguish, and several psychologists. Her friends and family have all turned their back on her now that she's no longer the most highly sought after prize. In an attempt to escape, she moves to Hawaii and becomes a recluse, and lands another psychologist, Lucas Bass. Despite the numerous attempts to help build her confidence and get Jensyn to understand her beauty is more than skin deep, Lucas takes a selfish and unorthodoxed approach.  He recommends Jensyn help his younger brother, Lincoln, who's a USA Best Selling author and who recently lost his sight, to read and type for him so he can finish his book. She reluctantly agrees.

Lincoln is and adventurous thrill-seeker, who happens to be amazingly beautiful, and has historically surrounded himself with beauty. There's a lot of sexual tension between Lincoln and Jensyn, despite his ability to see her. And she's grateful he can't but fears the worst if his sight ever returns. Her self-loathing turns into wishes for his sight not to return for fear he'll be scared and run away from her, like all of the rest have.

Feel free to one-click to get the rest of the story, there's a whole lot more to read.