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S. Raven Storm - Interview

Author Name: S. Raven Storm      

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Genre(s):  Romance

Number of books published: 1

Links to published work (Amazon, Smashwords, etc):

WYLABWYW: Author Bio

          Stephanie Jenkins a native of Queens, New York spent the last twenty-three year in North Carolina. She currently lives in Camden, Delaware a small town outside of Dover, Delaware, where she writes under the name of S. Raven Storm and works at the local Hospital.

Stephanie Jenkins is a member of Poetry in Motion, a local group of writers, poets and entertainers headed by Amillion the poet Mayfield. She’s won three (3) poetry awards and has published works in the Mount Olive Trojan magazine.

Stephanie Jenkins has a BS degree in Business Administrations with a minor in English Literature. Her notoriety comes from her poetry, YouTube videos, and tracks on various artist beats. She is the author of Someone for Me which released April 22, 2015. This is Stephanie Jenkins/ S. Raven Storm’s first novel, which is on its way to being a bestseller

Presently the Amazon eBook has a five star rating with great reviews. She also has a following on Good Reads.  She is working on the sequel titled, “Someone for Me Too” which will be release in the fall of 2015.

WYLABWYW: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Something we won’t find in you author bio on your website (do you work, hobbies, what do you like to do when not writing/working, etc.).

I love to cook, especially Italian. My dream is to one day not only visit but live in Italy. I am working on my family genealogy, this was been a long process but in doing so I found my heritage in the Coastal Algonquian nation which I incorporated in my book: Someone for me.

WYLABWYW:  Are you self-published, with an agency, or a combination of the two?

I joined Platinum Pearl Publications which was an imprint of Jaded Publications in April 2015. However recently August 2015, Jade Jones decided to focus on her writing career and dissolved the company and their imprints. I am currently trying to decide if I want to self-publish or join one of the many publishing houses that have contact me.

WYLABWYW: What inspired you to become a writer?

I always used my ability to write to make up for bad grades in school. I have a wonderful imagination. You remember in school when the teacher would ask everyone to write what they did that summer. I always had a story, yet it was totally fiction and I always received an A. However, I think being a fan of romance really made me take writing seriously. I would say Author Beatrice Small, who used to be my pen pal is one my greatest inspirations, along with Brenda Jackson.

WYLABWYW: Do you have a mentor or mentors?

I have idols, and I think everyone I have met have attributed in some way some golden knowledge. From Authors like Shirley Hailstock, Al Tonya Washington and Mercy B Carruthers to promoters and bloggers like Papaya Wagstaff-Speight, Sharnel Williams, Sharon Blount and LaShaunda Hoffman. 

WYLABWYW:  What do you do to prepare for a story?

Nothing, honestly I write an outline and then type. The storyline and characters are in my head and are constantly talking. I know it sounds crazy and I too use to think it was crazy until I heard Tyler Perry say the same thing. I write to stop the chatter. I try to write everything down but it just doesn’t work for me. I write and save on USB thumb drive after my computer crashed one day and I lost four chapters of a book.

WYLABWYW: What do you find to be your biggest obstacle in the writing process?

Time! I currently work 10:30 pm to 7:00 am I sleep then try to wake up before noon to write. But sometimes I have outside appointments and other obstacles. I go back to sleep around 5pm then wake at 8pm to start the process all over again.

WYLABWYW:  Where do you do your writing?

I write in my room with my desktop computer. I’ve tried laptops but I just can’t, I like the space of a desk top.

WYLABWYW: Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what do you typically listen to?

I just started that listening when writing. My friend, Brock Kalim, who writes poetry told me music helps your creativity. He advised me to try it and it worked. I wrote a two page love scene listening to Tyrese. So now I listen to music. Sometimes it’s jazz, R & B or old smooth love songs.

WYLABWYW: How much of your book(s), if any, is taken from real life events?

I have areas in Wilmington NC where the book takes place, but I changed a lot of the names. Some places like the River walk and Cape Fear River are actual sites. I use a lot of cultural language and rituals of the Coastal Algonquian Indians, I even added a dictionary in the back of the book. Some of the love scenes are from my experience with my ex whom I dedicated my book to.

WYLABWYW:   Who is/was your biggest support for your writing career?

My biggest support comes from a good friend and my proofreader Ginny Jewel. She happens to own Acorn bookstore here in Delaware, and pushes me to take the next step. Also I belong to a group called Poetry in Motion. The group consists of writers, singers, painters, rappers etc…

WYLABWYW:  What lead to write your chosen genre?

I’m in love with love. I have such a fairy tale mentality when comes to romance it is ridiculous.

I love an Author who can make me visualize, smell and feel a character.

WYLABWYW:  Tell us about your book.

The sexy full figured, dark chocolate, strikingly attractive Skye Jones, Marketing executive at Top Lake has endured her trouble youth of being an orphan and putting herself through college. Thanks to a determination to survive, her best-friends and the generational sixth sense that some would describe as visions or psychic abilities, she’s made her way to the top. Without a man in her life and no faith in love, Top Lake becomes her lover, but when Top Lake is threatened by a takeover from the ruthless and mysterious Louis Manteo Charles and the Ebb Tide Corporation Skye becomes unsure of her future. While attending a mandatory party hosted by Ebb Tide Skye finds herself in the arms of devilishly handsome and sexy executive of Ebb Tide, Logan Tyler. With his bow legs and dimpled cheeks he in turn brings out things she never knew existed causing her to experience wantonness.
Logan Tyler has paid the price to get where he is today. He prides himself on being calm and cool, yet all that goes out the window when he meets Ms. Skye Jones. Skye turns Logan’s world upside down and has him thinking some new thoughts about his bachelor’s lifestyle. He knows he loves her in his bed and can’t get enough of their hot, steamy lovemaking. He soon realizes he wants more, he wants her in every part of his life.

The question is; can the two live on sexual attractions and hot passionate bed sport when each carries a secret that can destroy the relationship? Skye is willing to take the chance, but Logan fears his secret will destroy any hope for his future with Skye. Can his and Skye’s relationship survive the truth? Feel The Heat!

WYLABWYW:  Do you have muses you used for your characters?

No, I don’t know anyone who is like the characters in my book.

WYLABWYW: Time to give your support a shout out! Tell us about your crew (cover designer, photographer, editor, videographer, proofreader, swag designer, etc.)

I would like to give a shout out to my girl Ginny Jewel. When I decided to self publish and gave her my book to proofread she came to me and said “Your making a big mistake, this book is too good for your first book to be self publishing. Put it out there for a publishing house.” Even now she is helping me to find a new publisher. She also supports my self-publishing ideas. Ginny gave me pointers on what she thought might be over the top or unbelievable in my books. She also helped me with my contract for Platinum Pearl Publications by read my contract.

WYLABWYW: What are you working on now, and when can we expect your next release?

I am currently finishing the last two chapters of “Someone for Me Too” which I plan to release in October 2015.

WYLABWYW: Can you share an excerpt from a work in progress?

Logan sat at the head of the table while opening the wine. He began to pour the pale liquid into two champagne flute glasses. Skye approach with a sizzling pan of lamb chops. His eyes fixed on the scene before him. The chops wasn’t what made him freeze in mid motion. The see-through red negligee Skye was wearing captivated his attention.

            “Wow.” Is all he could say, concerning the feast of his favorite foods, drink and the hellacious negligee she barely wore. Skye’s breast never return to normal after Hasssun’s birth, they remain plump and full. Right now, they appear to be double the size as if they were trying to escape the confines of their covering. His dick twitched in acknowledgement of the site before him.

            “Damn, you expect me to sit here across from you wearing that for the entire meal?” Logan asked in disbelief. As good as the food looked and smelled he was ready to put it back in the over and fuck Skye until she couldn’t stand.

            “It’s called foreplay and anticipation.” She smiled as sat down then leaned over causing her breast to almost spill out, as she spoon mash potatoes onto his plate.

            “No it’s called torture and a case of blue balls.” He announced as he got up to hand her a glass of wine. Giving Skye the glass, his now empty hand reached inside her bodice and gentle massaged her ripe, round mound. He let his thumb rub against the nipple causing Skye to whimper in delight. In her state, she accidently spilled some of her wine onto her chest, as it rolled between her cleavage.

            Logan got on his knees, licking the liquid from between her breast he continued to lick upward to her chest, her neck, her chin as he then captured her lips. Their tongues intertwine as the kiss took them to higher heights. Logan positioning himself between Skye’s legs, gently massage her thighs.

“The potatoes are going to get cold. I made them just the way you like them.” She whispered, trying to catch her breath from the long seductive kiss.

Logan put his two fingers in the mashed potatoes and scooping out a generous amount he tasted them and said, “Delicious.” He repeated the process and held his fingers out to Skye, who began licking the potatoes from his fingers, finally placing them in her mouth as she began to suck upon the members.

WYLABWYW:  Do you have any upcoming signing events or appearances scheduled later this year or in 2016?

I have book signing September 19, 2015 at Acorn Book Store in Smyrna DE

WYLABWYW: Which new authors have caught your attention?

When I am writing I don’t like to read other peoples books. So no, I’m not sure who’s out there at this moment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us all.

Thank you for having me.


  1. Thank you so much for the interview, it was a pleasure. I also want to thank you for the advice and information you've given me. I call you friend. Thank you.

  2. I hope that you decide to self-publish your works. Your daily schedule is crazy insane, but I'm highly impressed that you have the commitment to still write. Good luck with your future and can't wait to see your name up there with your favorite authors.