Saturday, February 13, 2016

And Then There Were Two by J. Asmara

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Synopsis :

Playboy Marcus McBride travels the world as a flight attendant for Air International; leaving his mark at each destination. While working a flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil he meets Latina model Consuela Fiore. Consuela takes a liking to Marcus and invites him to a party hosted by the owner of the hottest magazine in Brazil, Brazilian Heat. Marcus enjoys himself as Consuela sets out to ensure his first trip to Brazil is one to remember. The table turns when Consuela and Marcus continue their relationship stateside. Can Consuela change him or will his playboy ways get him into trouble yet again? 

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Marcus Mcbride - International male ho as his female friend and co-worker, Tiff, refers to him.

Marcus loves the ladies, and the ladies love Marcus.  His job as a flight attendant provides him the benefit of meeting and talking to some of the most beautiful women around the world. Tiff can't help but wonder if Marcus will ever just settle down.

One special woman, Consuela Fiore, a beautiful model catches Marcus' attention on a flight to Brazil, a dream trip for him.  The layover was a dream come true.  Marcus became addicted to her, but there were some relationship ... complications.

Marcus has a woman he saw regularly back home. Consuela had a girlfriend. And Tiff isn't as immune to Marcus' charm as she pretended to be. The story takes some unexpected twists.


About the Author:

J. Asmara is a national bestselling author of several works of romance, erotic, and mainstream fiction. The Beaufort, South Carolina native grew up as a small town girl destined for great things. As with most people, her life was not always fair, however she endured and overcame adversity. Her passion for writing evolved in March 2014 with her debut novella When It Raynes and she has no plan of stopping.

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Instagram: @authorjasmara

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