Thursday, July 14, 2016

Divulged by Jack Gorn - Review

by Jack Gorn


Divulged is an erotic thriller. This is the story of John Hort, a family man and senior partner at a prestigious law firm. John writes crime novels and self publishes them for fun. He joined the Facebook community to promote his books where he met many authors. 

John traded reads with his new author friends, many of whom wrote erotica. He became interested in the genre and decided to write his own erotica romance novel. He wrote and published one such book under a pen name, keeping it a secret from everyone.

An unexpected series of events followed that would change his life forever. This story is for adults only as it contains graphic adult content. 


I really enjoyed the 'unique' storyline.  It sounds like a typical day in the life of any erotic romance author you may see on facebook at any given time, but this book is far from a typical day, week, or life of most authors.

John Hort is not your typical author. His forte is writing crime novels, but his choice to leap into erotica has awakened the middle aged man's libido. The libido that had been dormant for quite some time since his wife's health began faltering.

John's writing has sparked the interest of several people, including a particular female fan. She's not the shy type so she initiates a FB conversation. Things get really interesting for John.

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