Friday, May 12, 2017

Review Tour: The Perfect 1 by Cory Cyr

Title: The Perfect 1
Author: Cory Cyr
Genre: Urban Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 31, 2017 

Jensyn Parrish was one of the world’s most gorgeous supermodels, dubbed the “Perfect 10” for most of her career. Thirteen years ago, a horrific car accident left her face disfigured. Suffering the loss of her beauty, career, and self-worth, she seeks a life of quiet seclusion in Hawaii.

Lincoln Bass, a New York best-selling author and adrenaline junkie, has no idea what he could possibly have in common with his brother’s friend Jensyn. After suddenly being impaired with blindness at only twenty-five, his life is forever altered. Independent, headstrong, and ever the daredevil, Lincoln is stricken with the certainty that if he wants to continue writing, he needs help.
Two people damaged by circumstances of fate…
Disguising who she once was becomes a difficult task for Jensyn. Her only job is to help Lincoln finish his book. But boundaries are somehow obscured and fiction becomes their reality.

We all have and live with our imperfections. But when someone's been deemed "The Perfect 10" and thrived in a modeling career as a result for so many years, it's become part of their identity. They could find it extremely difficult to accept being anything less after an accident that strips it all away.

Jensyn Parrish suffered through 13 years of Anguish, and several psychologists. Her friends and family have all turned their back on her now that she's no longer the most highly sought after prize. In an attempt to escape, she moves to Hawaii and becomes a recluse and lands another psychologist, Lucas Bass. Despite the numerous attempts to help build her confidence and get Jensyn to understand her beauty is more than skin deep, Lucas takes a selfish and unorthodoxed approach.  He recommends Jensyn help his younger brother, Lincoln, who's a USA Best Selling author and who recently lost his sight, to read and type for him so he can finish his book. She reluctantly agrees.

Lincoln is and adventurous thrill-seeker, who happens to be amazingly beautiful, and has historically surrounded himself with beauty. There's a lot of sexual tension between Lincoln and Jensyn, despite his ability to see her. And she's grateful he can't see her, but fears the worst if his sight ever returns.

Her self-loathing turns into wishes for Lincoln's sight not to return for fear he'll be scared and run away from her, like all of the rest have. She doesn't realize his attraction is based on the person she is on the inside, despite the number of times he tells her. 

Feel free to one-click to get the rest of the story, there's a whole lot more to this amazing story to read. I highly recommend Cory's books - all of them!



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