Wednesday, August 2, 2017

REVIEW: Jacked Off by Cory D. Cyr

Title: Jacked Off
Author: Cory Cyr
Genre: Urban/Romantic/Comedy
Release Date: July 21, 2017 

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**Strong language**Explicit sex**Adult situations**Older Woman/Younger Man

Remmy Winters has survived a brutal divorce, the grueling heat of Las Vegas, and being judged on her physical assets instead of her brains. Now, as the CEO of the largest health foundation in the world, getting Dr. Jackson Oriell to fall in line should be effortless. That is until she sees him. Tall, young, and due to inherit billions, he’s nothing more than a modern Neanderthal in a man bun. Regardless of her first impression, she finds herself strangely captivated by this hot mess. She’s never had a problem attracting men, but Jackson isn’t going to come easily or literally. He’s sure to be the challenge of a lifetime.

Jackson Oriell was born in Africa, educated in England, and is now exiled to Texas to spend time with his terminally ill father. After practicing medicine for the last six years in the jungle, he has returned out of love and duty. His main objectives are securing the funds to continue his research and getting back to Jabari. That is until he meets Remmy. Their first meeting is tempestuous and awkward at best. His father’s new CEO is sexy as hell, and everything about the petite spitfire sends his moral compass spinning.

Suddenly, everything he wants includes her. But he’s been holding on to a dark secret for years, and getting involved with Remmy could complicate everything. That one disastrous choice he made so long ago has haunted him and could topple his entire universe, destroying any future relationship with her as well as the reputation of the Oriell Foundation.

This amazing story is about two people from different walks of life, seemingly having nothing in common except the one man who's dying and who they both love, Constantine Oriell.

Constantine is a shrewd businessman. As his health began failing, he found Remmy, a beautiful, smart business woman who could work side-by-side with him to ensure his foundation operations continued to run smoothly.

Remmy had worked extremely hard over the years to earn everything she has, and to establish herself as more than a pretty face. She's also been through a horrible divorce. 
She's selected from a large pool of candidates by 'Connie' to the role of Oriell's Health Foundation CEO. When Connie's health situation becomes terminal, he sends for his son to come home. Remmy is warned about meeting the son of her extremely wealthy boss.  He tells her his son is rough around the edges and can be erratic. He expects the two will butt heads when his son finds out Remmy, a female, is the CEO of the foundation and his new boss. 

Jackson has spent the past six years in Africa serving as a highly-skilled doctor in the poorest of areas. His funding comes from his father's foundation, the same foundation he's the rightful heir to. He's had no desire to return to America, but when he hears his father is dying and only has a short period of time to live, he packs up immediately and makes the trip to Texas. 

The initial meeting is interesting to say the least. The sparks fly, but not all in a good way. Remmy instantly becomes defensive while Jackson remains smug and distant. But it doesn't take long for the two of them to realize they are fighting the undeniable physical attraction.

But Jackson has some secrets that threaten his future happiness. 

This is another fantastic story by Cory. I've read every book of hers multiple times and this one moves into the favorite spot. There's everything you could want - comedy, romance, and some really steamy sex scenes.  Definitely one-click this one, you won't regret it!

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