Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Fantasy Factory 2: The Attic

The Fantasy Factory 2: The Attic (Dark Erotic Romance) 
30,000 words 

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Sara Monroe's life has hit a stalemate. Divorced, bored, and unhappily celibate, she decides to take a safe gamble by living out a dark fantasy. Entering the Fantasy Factory, she voluntarily signs her sexual fate away.

The dark scenario plays out to her heart's desire. Seeking both edge and love, she awaits the man of her dreams. However, when Sara gets more than she bargains for, she's left to hope that her fantasy comes with a very happy ending.

Warning: This 30,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, edgy role play, sex, anal sex, oral sex, DP, bondage, spanking, medical play, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for (18+).


Welcome to The Fantasy Factory, where your wish is granted ....just be very specific about what you wish for.

Sara has a fantasy, and it’s very taboo. Most people wouldn’t understand, but there’s one place she knows she can go to make this happen without being ridiculed. It may cost her a few bucks, but she doesn’t care. She has it, and she’s willing to spend it.

The Fantasy Factory is in the business of turning fantasies into reality, but therein lies a problem for Sara.

Sara finds herself in a bind, quite literally. Where does fantasy end and reality begin? And what if you want the fantasy to end, but you’ve given permission for this to be lifelong?

One-click this one if you’re open-minded enough to appreciate taboo fantasies, hot explicit sex, breeding, colorful language, and everything else JD Grayson is sure to captivate you with.


About the Author:

J.D. Grayson lives in the state of Florida, where the heat and sweat naturally lead him to write erotica.  Preferring short erotica to long form, he tries to offer a burst of pleasure, while merging an interesting story with a few twists along the journey.

With every work, Grayson attempts to straddle the line of sensuality and kink, story and sex, as well as fantasy and reality.  Although sex always leads the way, he strives to add imagination to every plot line, in addition to each sex act.  Some stories are lighter in tone, others are darker, though he always aims for a tasteful presentation.

His ultimate goal is to add spice to the life of readers.  In his daily conversations with “average couples,” he discovered that the current state of sexuality is not in a good place.  Somehow, its been lost in maddening schedules, busy lives, and shamed stereotypes.  Its importance and priority are pushed to the back burner, as a chore not a reliever.


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