Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Uncovering Hope by Kacey Shea - RELEASE DAY!

It's Release Day! 
Uncovering Hope by Kacey Shea is now available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, & Kobo. 

This book is the third and final in the series but you do NOT have to read books one and two to enjoy Uncovering Hope. Also, stalk Kacey Shea on her social media as she gives away ebooks, swag, and other prizes throughout the week!

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Carly Reynolds doesn’t have much faith in men. She no longer trusts her heart to lead—not after doing her so wrong. Raising her sons alone, Carly must learn to stand on her own. But she’s stronger now, wiser, and determined to move forward.

Derek Taylor, the sexy tatted drummer for Three Ugly Guys, doesn’t have much time for women, except to hook up and get off. He’d rather focus on writing music and living the career he’s always dreamed. Fate may have other plans.

Dr. Garrett Brooks is the talk of Children’s Hospital. As the new surgical resident, he is young, charming, and attractive. He takes an immediate interest in Carly but his demanding work schedule and her single mom status don’t leave much opportunity for dating.

Between love interests, two boys to raise, and a full time nursing job, Carly’s ability to stand strong is put to the test. And when strange things start to transpire Carly must face the reality that her past has come back to haunt. Can the woman she’s become dare to hope for love again? And which man will win her heart?

Uncovering Hope is the third and final book in the Uncovering Love series, but it can also be read as a standalone. Contains adult themes and explicit content and is intended for mature audiences.

(Teasers were made by a reader)

Carly is a devoted mother of two who has had her share of bumps in the road with her ex-husband. The last thing she wants is to have a repeat of that, so she's decided to focus on her children, her job as a nurse to children with cancer, and her family - not a relationship. But her strategy is met with not just one, but two men who are trying to win her over.

Derrick Taylor, a local band member, has set his sights on Carly. He's a tattooed drummer that oozes sex appeal. Women throw themselves at him, and he has a black book that would make most men envious. Women at his beckon call. They'll do whatever he wants, all he has to do is call them. But the women in the black book aren't who he desires.

Dr. Garrett Brooks is a gorgeous surgeon who has the nurses and hospital staff drooling. 

Derrick appears like a high-profile risk since he travels frequently with the band. Carly got a chance to see groupies in action at a party and doesn't want to be part of it.

Dr. Brooks seems more stable financially and he's more romantic. He's a safer bet and Carly goes out with him.

Things aren't always what they seem. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Be careful what you wish for.
Remember those sayings?

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