Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Release Day: Yours to Love by Cathy Jackson

Yours to Love (Yours To ... Book 1)

By: Cathy Jackson
Genre: Inspirational Romance (Comedy)

Barnes & Noble: bit.ly/YourstoLoveBN

Recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, prominent YouTuber Maximillian Roselle finds himself a single father of two young children. Lonely and in pain, they cling to each other on the island of happiness he has created for them, longing for a wholeness they cannot voice.
When strong-willed, compassionate, and empathetic Ruthie Eden enters their world, hope for that wholeness is born. Her heart bleeds for Max's children and she is compelled to heal three broken hearts.
Slowly and cautiously Max weaves her into the fabric of their lives fearing she will compromise his trust, yet hoping she may be the healing balm his family needs.

“I think, Miss Eden, if we had met in a different time and a different way, I could have fallen in love with you.”
“Mr. Roselle, I . . .” Her cheeks were fire red again, matching the color of her hair.
"Max. Say it once. Max.”...
"I can’t say that.”
“Why?” I was leaning closer and closer to her. She was drawing me into her lovely green eyes, weaving a spell I couldn’t break.
“Because if I call you Max again, then it will be because I love you. And I don’t. You don’t love me and that’s okay because we shouldn’t fall . . . in love. At all.”

Maximillian is a single father or two. He's also widely famous for his online vlog presence. Despite his own popularity and exposure of his family, his goal is to ensure his children stay protected. Protected from the hurt he struggles with, and from strangers who could possibly do them harm.

Ruthie is a hard-working (2 jobs) loner. She's a young woman who is guided by God in everything she does. She has a kind heart and is well aware of who Maximillian is when she meets him, despite her pretending not to. She has an instant bond with his daughter, and an attraction to the handsome Max.

Four lonely souls. Three people who have each other. One person who is given a chance to get even closer to the family by being a nanny.

What an intriguing story ... Don't miss this fun story!

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