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J. Asmara - Interview

Featured Author of the Week - J. Asmara

Author Name: J. Asmara

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Genre(s): Erotica, Suspense, and Street Lit.

Number of books published: 3

Link to published work (Amazon, Smashwords, etc):

WYLABWYW: Author Bio

J. Asmara is a simple woman who enjoys writing, fashion, traveling, and living life to the fullest.

J. Asmara brings her sexy uniqueness to her readers through intriguing characters and twisted plots.

Hailing from Beaufort, South Carolina, being a published writer was a dream that had been a long time coming for this mother of three, veteran, and entrepreneur.

As with most people, life hadn't always been fair to J. Asmara, however she endured and overcame adversity.

J. Asmara relocated to Laurel, Mississippi and her dream became a reality.

J. Asmara published the first book of the Rayne series, “When It Raynes” an erotic work that is getting outstanding reviews.

J. Asmara did not stop there and since have published additional books and a short story.

WYLABWYW: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Something we won’t find in you author bio on your website (do you work, hobbies, what do you like to do when not writing/working, etc.).

Though I’m very serious about my work and reaching my goals I’m sort of a goof ball. I love to have a good time and am always up for a good laugh. My household is full of comedians so there is never a dull moment. I’m also a gamer. I don’t play as much now that my schedule is filled with writing, but I still squeeze one or two in.

WYLABWYW:  Are you self-published, with an agency, or a combination of the two?

A combination of the two. I’ve self-published two books and one short story. I recently signed with Marvelous Leaders Publications and have a new book, Virtually Challenged “An Escort’s Story” coming in mid-June. After my fulfillment to the company more than likely I will go back to self-publishing.

WYLABWYW: What inspired you to become a writer?

Actually, I never had the desire to be an author. I’ve always done well in school with stories and essays but that was far as it went. I was pregnant with my six year old when my best friend told me I should write a book because my life had become eventful. I told her no blew it off. Periodically she’d throw hints about it and I’d blown those off as well. It was February 2015 when I wrote a short story for my boyfriend at the time. He loved it and wanted more. I sat to write the continuation of the story and then the light bulb turned on. I finally saw what my friend had seen in my potential. I took the leap of faith and now can’t see myself doing anything else.

WYLABWYW: Do you have a mentor or mentors?

I do not exactly have a mentor but I turn to God, my parents, and my really close friends for guidance.

WYLABWYW:  What do you do to prepare for a story?

I’m a visual person so first I visual the scene that I want to write. Once I get a picture in my mind then I figure how to write it.

WYLABWYW: What do you find to be your biggest obstacle in the writing process?

Getting out of my own way is my biggest obstacle. I am very critical of my work. I take second guessing to the next level. I never want to put out anything that is not great.

WYLABWYW:  Where do you write?

Anywhere! I keep my notebook in my purse. If I’m waiting anywhere longer than five minutes I’m writing. When I’m home my favorite writing spot is an oversized chair with my feet propped up on an ottoman.

WYLABWYW: Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what do you typically listen to?

Yes, I love music. Pandora is my best friend when I’m writing. My station selection is either Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, India Arie, or Floetry.

WYLABWYW: How much of your book(s), if any, is taken from real life events?

(laughing) More than I’d ever admit to my parents. It needs to be real to be realistic.

WYLABWYW:   Who is/was your biggest support for your writing career?

I’ve been blessed to get support from my family and friends. My parents sold many books for me as well as provided mental support. My friends have been rock stars during my writing process as well. They are my betas and editors. They keep me on track with their constructive criticism.

WYLABWYW:  What lead to write your chosen genre?

I’ve decided to stick with fiction so that I can write anything. My first two books and short story are erotic in nature (with some suspense, drama, and murder), my recently completed piece is more street lit, and I have paranormal story in mind to follow.

WYLABWYW:  Tell us about your book(s).

When It Raynes- A story about Rayne Smith. Rayne has it all handsome husband, beautiful children, nice house, and great career. Though her life is good she has a hidden past. Her mother unexpectedly dies and she returns to her home town and skeletons creep from her closet. She attempts to deal with them without disrupting her happy home.

When It Raynes: Clear Skies- It’s a year later and Rayne thought she escaped karma’s grip, but she was wrong. Karma is back with a vengeance. The story tells how Rayne did or did not beat her past.

Brazilian Heat- Brazilian Heat is the first story of my Fly High series, which is a flight attendant series. Marcus McBride is one of the few straight flight attendants at Air International. He travels the world leaving his mark. His latest trip was to Sao Paulo, Brazil. He meets Latina model Consuela Fiore who shows him the best of Brazil.

WYLABWYW:  Do you have muses you used for your characters?

Not really. I do visual my characters and their characteristics but no muse.

WYLABWYW: Time to give your support a shout out! Tell us about your crew (cover designer, photographer, editor, videographer, proofreader, swag designer, etc.)

When It Raynes/Cover design-Candice Kilgore/Editor-Adrina Smith/Proof Readers- Chenika Gadson, Karene Hill, and Robinne Adams

When It Raynes:Clear Skies/Cover Design-J. Asmara/Editor-J.Asmara/Proof Readers-Angela Henderson, Chenika Gadson, and Robinne Adams

Brazilian Heat/Cover Design-J.Asmara/Editor-J.Asmara/Proof Readers-Angela Henderson, Chenika Gadson, and John Henderson

WYLABWYW: What are you working on now, and when can we expect your next release?

I’m currently working on two pieces, Virtually Challenged “An Escort’s Story 2” and When It Raynes: Silver Linings. I plan on releasing Virtually Challenged by the end of July 2015 and When It Raynes by the end of August 2015.

WYLABWYW: Can you share an excerpt from a work in progress?

Virtually Challenged “An Escort’s Story 2”

Being an escort was never on Taylor Virtue Jones’ list of future endeavors, but life always has a way of turning the tables. Finding the third (and last if she had her way) man that she’d ever fallen in love with in bed with another man was the final straw. Taylor had heard about the rise of men on the down low but she never suspected Donte to be one of those men.

Taylor spent a few hours in jail for her expression of her emotions before her childhood friend Sade bailed her out. Those few hours weren’t ideal but it was warranted after the destruction she caused.

Taylor busted Donte’s apartment as well as his ribs with a bat during her tangent. As far as Taylor was concerned Donte was lucky she grabbed the bat out of the trunk and not the nine millimeter that was in the glove box. It cost her a little money and a year of probation, but she didn’t care. Catching Donte’s bitch ass with that dude changed her life. That was how she got into the business. So in her mind it was worth it.

Taylor and Sade met with the “Misses” of the Exquisite Evenings escort service Sylvia, two days after the Donte incident. “Nice to finally meet you,” Sylvia said. It was evident to Taylor that Sade had spoken of her often. Taylor glared at Sade who smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“Nice to meet you as well,” Taylor said as Sylvia showed her around her home.

You’d never think that the mansion that sat in the well to do subdivision in Georgia was the nucleus of a well devised operation. Sylvia impressed Taylor and right then and there she made up her mind to learn the business inside and out.

When It Raynes: Silver Linings

Karma has a way of knocking you on your ass, Rayne thought as she sat in her chair and watched her children as they ran about. Her mother in law entered the room. “You want anything Suge?”

“No. ma’am. I’m ok.”

“Holla at me if you need anything. I’ll be in the sitting area reading.”

“Thanks Beverly. I appreciate you being here.”

“No problem. That’s what family’s for,” she smiled at Rayne as she exited the room.

Rayne’s gratitude went further than one could imagine. Beverly took care of the children and David while Rayne laid in a hospital bed for almost four months. Tears fell from her eyes as she thought of the mess that her secrets and lies caused.

Those damn skeletons, she thought as she wiped her tears.

WYLABWYW:  Do you have any upcoming signing events or appearances scheduled later this year or in 2016?

I have one book signing on my calendar as of now. It will be in Beaufort, South Carolina during the annual Water Festival. Myself and two of my friends and literary sisters Shanette Booker and Sheronda Goodwine will be at Salt art gallery (802 Bay Street, Beaufort SC) on July 18th at 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

WYLABWYW: Which new authors have caught your attention?

There have been a few new authors that have caught my attention. The first author is none other than you, Mrs. Desiree A. Cox, your writing is awesome. Then there are Shanette Booker, Sheronda Goodwine, JL Massey, Adrina Smith, Flenardo Taylor, and Empress Simone.

WYLABWYW: Where can the readers find you?

Instagram: @authorjasmara

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us all.

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